Video Walking and Running Analysis

Video Walking and Running Analysis

Each practice has the latest digital gait analysis technology which can be used for treatment, assessment and incorporating footwear into treatment plans. This technology enables our team to identify the biomechanical causes of foot pain and other lower limb conditions. The technology also enables our staff, if needed, to take a good look how the foot and lower limbs move within different shoes and orthotics. This ensures that our staff send you off with the most suitable shoes for your foot type and that your orthotics are performing correctly. We take the time to trial different shoes and explain why we would prescribe a particular shoe.

For walk-in customers wanting footwear, both our support staff and Podiatrists are well trained to get you in a shoe best for you. Our Podiatrist’s onsite can check the fit and function of the shoe is right for you. Best of all, there is no extra cost for our professional fitting service. If our Podiatrist’s are busy with patients, there may be a small wait, but we’re confident you’ll agree our fitting service is second to none.

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